Visual Composer v4.6 Page Builder for WordPress Download

The Page builder for WordPress can be used in any theme, it has its own style for every shortcode used in its core. What that means is that you don’t have to style let’s say your google maps, you don’t have to style your slider carousel, you don’t have to style your buttons, you just pick your colours, your texts and you’re done customising your website.

From my experience of WordPress Developer, this is a module that is quite easy to master and to use. Our clients always want custom pages, modify the contact pages, they don’t like the menu, they hate the footer and so on. With this module you can easily add new pages into your WordPress and quickly build your perfect blog within minutes.

I also love that the Visual Composer v4.6 Page Builder for WordPress Download comes with 40+ content elements available out of the box. High quality code and well crafted design allows you to quickly add good looking piece of content to your WordPress page by simple drag. Thanks to wide customization options with just few mouse clicks you can create truly unique and pro looking layouts and content for your site to raise your blog visits.

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