Superfly v2.1.5 – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin Free Download

Superfly v2.1.5 is a responsive WordPress menu plugin that generates trendy vertical push/sliding/static navigation for your site. Superfly makes navigation much easier and user-friendly both on desktops and mobiles. Concept of off-canvas vertical menu that proved itself on mobiles now shines on desktops too!
Version 2.1.6 Latest
– Improvement for parent links containing only ‘#’, they will open submenu (in 2.1.6)
– New setting for desktop menu behave like mobiles and slide down submenus (in 2.1.5)
– Fix for fullscreen menu padding on mobiles (in 2.1.4)
– Fix for case when WP installed not in parent URL and logo and search link to incorrect pages (in 2.1.3)
– Fix for search button click didn’t submit form (in 2.1.2)
– Tweak for usecase for smooth scroll (in 2.1.1)
– Navbar threshold point added and its appearance logic changed