WooCommerce Predictive Search Pro v3.0.1 – a3Rev Free Download

WooCommerce Predictive Search is now the most powerful site search engine ever developed for WooCommerce and WordPress. It is one of only 2 new generation WooCommerce backbone.js extensions. The Pro version allows you to optimize your entire site search to perform just the way you want it too.
v3.0.1 - 2015/08/20
* Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WooCommerce Version 2.4.4
* Tweak - Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.3.0
* Tweak - Include new CSSMin lib from into plugin framework instead of old CSSMin lib from , to avoid conflict with plugins or themes that have CSSMin lib
* Tweak - Make __construct() function for 'Compile_Less_Sass' class instead of using a method with the same name as the class for compatibility on WP 4.3 and is deprecated on PHP4
* Tweak - Change class name from 'lessc' to 'a3_lessc' so that it does not conflict with plugins or themes that have another Lessc lib
* Tweak - Delay automatic synch full database until after plugin install is completed to avoid PHP time out errors for sites with big databases.
* Tweak - Update synch full database feature for sites with very big databases. If PHP time out during synch can click continue and synch will continue from where it stopped
* Tweak - Increase PHP execute timeout when synch full database. Only works on server allow php code to set that value