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Compatible with OpenCart 2.2.0
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Rating: 5 stars
Reason: Flexibility
Comment: Very very good theme with great support! I can recommend it to all everyone who’s looking for a great working and highly customizable theme.

Rating: 5 stars
Reason: Design Quality
Comment: This is definitely the best opencart theme that I have used. The theme is extremely good for Mobile as the designer has really put in lots of effort in customer UX. Many other themes are only good for desktop version but this theme is great on both. Welldone to Welldone team

Rating: 5 stars
Reason: Customer Support
Comment: Not only it is a great theme, the support from the Author is equally great. I will be very happy if the Author is getting good sale with this theme. Bravo to the Author!


8 March, version 1.1.1

 - update layouts: ishop,travel,flowers; - minor fixes 

5 March, version 1.1.0

 - add opencart compatibility 

3 March, version 1.0.1

 - add layouts 

2 March, version 1.0.0

 - initial release