BeTheme v10.6 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Free Download

BeTheme v10.6 is the best product we ever did. This is more than just WordPress theme. Such advanced options panel and Drag&Drop builder tool give unlimited possibilities. To show you how theme works, we have created 15 thematic websites so you can see how amazing this product is.
Version 10.6 – November 21, 2015
* Added: Responsive - Wider Fluid Grid
* Added: Blog - Hide comments icon if comments off
* Added: Theme Options - Background color for Boxed Layout
* Fixed: Image Item - Bottom gap
* Fixed: Mega Menu - Align menu to right
* Fixed: Sidebar Height - Recalculate on ajaxComplete
* Fixed: Shop - Single Product - Header without slider
* Fixed: CSS - Order of files
* Improved: Nice Scroll - Background Parallax Fix
* Improved: Hash Smooth Scroll (.scroll)
* Improved: Theme Options - Field with slider - Value can be typed in using the keyboard
* Updated plugins:
Nice Scroll 3.6.6
Revolution Slider 5.1.3
* Demos: Billiard, Business 2