Thrive v1.8.1 – Intranet & Community WordPress Theme Free Download

We understand how hard it is to set-up your own Intranet website, especially on WordPress. That’s why we build Thrive. Thrive doesn’t only helps you build and explore collaborative website on WordPress, it also helps you understand all features you need to launch an amazing Social Networking, Forums, Online Shop, Project Management, or even E-Learning.
Version 1.8.1
- Whitelist Activate Page,
- Whitelist Register Page,
- Fixed Hidden Group Issue
- Fixed Mobile Logo Issue
- Fixed Sticky Forum Issue
- Added conditional statement to groups
- Fixed OT wrong links
- Fixed Events Title line-height
- Fixed Featured Members Widget when placed on Footer
- Fixed Messages Update Margin Issue
- [New Feature] Google + & Facebook Connect
- [New Feature] New login page design